Our PEPSMOL© Platform


Our proprietary PEPSMOL© platform is an innovative approach to target GPCRs such as FFA4, and other target classes, and it is transforming drug discovery. Our validated platform focuses on elucidating the novel mechanisms by which synthetic biologics interact with their target proteins, opening up possibilities for exploring innovative pathways for drug action, including allosteric interactors at both GPCRs and protein kinases.

The PEPSMOL© process comprises three stages:

  • mRNA display hit discovery: This stage involves the generation of cyclic peptides through bio-panning against the target protein. Next-generation sequencing is used to identify hit peptides.
  • Synthetic biologic design: Hit peptides are synthesized and optimized to create stable synthetic biologics that serve as New Chemical Entities (NCEs). Key pharmacophores are identified, and the compounds are suitable for pharmacokinetic (PK) studies.
  • Small molecule architecture: The 3D pharmacophore of the synthetic biologic is determined, enabling the rational design of peptidomimetics, which are progressed to lead development.

Why synthetic biologics as drug candidates?

Cyclic peptidomimetics have already proven to be useful ligands for several target classes and show excellent binding potency/selectivity, enhanced protease stability and potential oral bioavailability. Nature has also selected this class of ligands for natural activators of GPCRs and membrane ion channel receptors (e.g. nAChR). The scope for discovery and development in this area is therefore significant and Keltic Pharma is at the forefront.

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