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Our mission

KELTIC Pharma - unlocking endless possibilities.

Our mission is to unlock the full potential of the world's most successful drug targets, striking at the core of receptor-based biology and drug discovery chemistry and offering the potential to transform patient lives.

Bringing together world-class experts and innovative partner organisations, we will:

    • Deliver a curative, transmission-blocking and prophylactic first-in-class malaria treatment, targeting Plasmodium falciparum protein kinase PfCLK3.
    • Develop and deploy our peptide-to-small molecule (PEP-SMOL) drug discovery platform to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide unlock pharmacologically relevant hard-to-target G-Protein-Coupled-Receptors (GPCRs).
    • Develop clinical candidates against GPCRs to treat areas of unmet medical need (e.g., severe asthma, COPD, neurodegenerative diseases).



Keltic Pharma neuro degenerative drug discovery

Our leadership

Our world-class KELTIC Pharma Therapeutics team combines academic innovation, deep target knowledge and commercial drug discovery expertise. Our founders, three renowned experts in their field from Glasgow University Professor Graeme Milligan, Professor Andrew Tobin and Professor Andrew Jamieson, have driven meaningful advances across the receptor-based research landscape and beyond.

Our collective expertise allows us to explore the possibility of 'yes' when others have said 'no'.

Keltic Pharma neuro degenerative drug discovery
Keltic Laboratory

Our innovative approach.

KELTIC Pharma - driven by science and innovation.
Focused on patients.
Generating next generation anti-malarials

KELTIC Pharma Therapeutics founders have extensive experience in the malaria field particularly in the biochemical processes that are essential for parasite survival.

By identification of essential pathways the founders have established that a particular protein kinase called PfCLK3, when inhibited can not only kill the blood stage of the malaria parasite but also kill liver stage and prevent development through the sexual stages. In this way inhibitors to PfCLK3 can offer a cure, prophylaxis and a block of transmission.

The molecular parasitology and chemistry expertise with KELTIC Pharma Therapeutics and our collaborators are now pursing inhibition of CLK3 in a drug discovery program aimed at generating next generation anti-malarials.

Using a multi-channel pipette to set up kinase assays in 384 well format
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Novel drug discovery platform

Our novel drug discovery platform, PEP-SMOL, is specifically designed to generate small drug-like molecule hits against previously considered 'undruggable' GPCR targets.

With the PEP-SMOL Platform, we can open the door to a pipeline of innovative drug targets, thus powering drug discovery programmes for effective therapeutic applications in areas of high unmet medical need, ultimately improving patient treatments and outcomes.

Working with partner pharma and biotech organisations, we can open the door to a pipeline of innovative drug targets,

Generating Receptor-Based Medicines
The Founders of KELTIC Pharma Therapeutics have decades of research experience in a class of cell surface receptor called G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). This class of receptor are the worlds most successful drug targets. However despite this success the full potential of GPCRs as drug target has yet to be fully released.
A subclass of GPCRs have been classified as ‘hard to target’ due to the ligand binding pocket being shallow and poorly defined.
KELTIC Pharma Therapeutics founders have invented a novel drug discovery platform called PEP-SMOL that is specifically designed to generate small drug-like molecule hits against shallow binding pockets.
By deploying PEP-SMOL – KELTIC Pharma Therapeutics will pursue drug discovery programs against high value GPCR targets that previously have been considered either ‘hard to target’ or even ‘undruggable’.
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Partners and investors

Together we can improve patients' lives by unlocking the potential of high-value GPCR drug targets with our innovative peptide-to-small moleculedrug discovery technology - PEP-SMOL - discovering, developing, and commercialising a whole new world of next-generation treatments in areas of high unmet medical need.

Leading the
way in malaria
drug discovery.

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