Keltic Pharma Therapeutics was formed in 2019 following successful raise of funding from both the European Union Malaria Fund (EUMF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). This funding allowed for a continuation of the research underpinning the seminal study led by Andrew Tobin and published in the journal Science, that identified a small molecule inhibitor (TCMDC-135051) of the essential malarial protein kinase PfCLK3.

This ground-breaking study established PfCLK3 as a therapeutic target with the potential to not only cure malaria but also block transmission of the parasite and act as a prophylactic treatment.
In this way the Tobin laboratory discovered a potential novel mechanism by which to eradicate malaria.

Keltic Pharma are now entering lead optimisation on an exciting potential new drug candidate in the malaria field and through its membership of MalDA we continue to collaborate to push discoveries in breakthrough malaria treatments.

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